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Raising up boys to:


       Protect & 


Women to be all that God Created them to be

Partnering with                                              to help end the demand for sex trafficking.

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Sex Trafficking is a booming industry in America, a more appealing and thriving industry for an exploiter than drugs. It continues to thrive because there is a growing demand for commercial sex with minors. Every day in our local communities, kids are being bought and sold for sex and they are waiting to us to notice. Would you notice if you saw it?

Additional Risk Factors



Average Age of Victims

- Prior Sexual Abuse

- Foster Care

- Runaways

- Homelessness

Where do Traffickers Find Their Victims?

- Social Network

- Home Neighborhood

- Clubs or Bars

- Internet

- School

What does this mean?

Friends will be the first to see the signs, if someone they know has become a victim of sex trafficking.

Facts from Shared Hope International, Exodus Cry and The Epic Project 

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